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Welcome to Edible  Etsy   How to start a successful Etsy shop selling edibles ! This blog will be your wake up call to get out there and sell your hand edible products on Etsy!     My name is Robert Roberti I won and operate The Brittle Box Candy Co. I have been selling online via Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza, and We (my wife and I ) started our business in our Kitchen and have grown to a licensed  commercial facility, and sell to over 15 countries worldwide. I hold a degree in Marketing, I own over 7 patents, Have been in business since 2006 making cookies, and candies, and edibles. I started selling on Etsy in late 2011, and have over 3,000 transactions and 15 countries that I have sold to with JUST Etsy! I have self taught everything from using Social Media, to promote my company , to shipping , packaging , labeling printing and more. I now offer direct consulting on a budget! I know how challenging it can be to start a company and learn all the aspe