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How to Start a bakery [ 5 steps from my experience]

 Looking to take those recipes and make a business from them? Well here are 5 tips [ I learned the hard way] Are you subscribed to our Youtube Channel Marketing Food Online?  Click Here to get 800 FREE videos  I'm going to give you the top five things I learned when I started a retail bakery and how I would recommend you actually start one yourself if you're looking to do this. This took many years to learn. Of course, when I first started, my wife and I had a handful of these that I'm going to go over with you that I really honestly should have done a little bit more research on. Uh, but it was a great learning experience and it gave me an opportunity to get a taste of how to operate and run my own bakery. Uh, so we actually had an Italian bakery that we specialized in. We had over 40 different cookies. We had pastries and gelato, we did panini sandwiches and freshly made breads. We had a variety of products. So I'm going to dive into it and let's get right into th