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How to Sell Spices on Amazon 8 Steps

  This video on marketing food online, I'm going to give you the eight steps to sell spices on Amazon FBA and do it very successfully because there is a few things that you may or may not realize about how to sell spices online in some packaging that Liz better than others. And I'm going to dive into several different types of spice packaging. But before we do, if you are brand new to my channel, this is marketing you foot online. We are YouTube premier food entrepreneur channel with over 600 videos to get your food business, your food product, or even your food truck up and running. And I have all kinds of fantastic experience doing this. I've been doing it for now over 20 plus years, I've been selling online for over 12 years. Now, about 13 years almost. Uh, we've got stores on Amazon. We've got them on Etsy on eBay. We've sold six figures on all of our platforms. Um, and we definitely haven't had a lot experience doing this. So hit that subscribe bu