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How to start a Coffee Shop step by Step

How to Start a Coffee Shop Starting any eatery is a complex and risky business. Fortunately for my readers, I have broken down the process into simple steps which will improve your understanding of the whole process. ❖       Do your Research: Research is the fundamental step of the entire process. The important factors you need to pay attention to include whether there is a need for a coffee shop in the area that you have in mind, If you will be able to compete with the existing food chains and independent coffee shops, and whether or not you will be able to afford to own a commercial business in that specific area. ❖       Choose a concept: An attractive theme/concept always gives a competitive edge to your business. Your cafe’s concept will be based on a few important factors which include target customers, the amount they are willing to pay, food or no food, sit-in or takeaway. ❖       Coffee Beans Source: To provide your customers with a great coffee, you