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Amazon FBA Selling Food 3 Things To Keep in Mind

Amazon FBA Selling Food 3  Things To Keep in Mind  When selling food through the Amazon FBA program remember to keep packaging in mind. I personally ship to FBA only packaged products that are in  some form of plastic container / bags. When using the glass packaging or any other material breakage COULD occur . I am not saying it will for sure, but I have NEVER had any issues with amazons team in the "pulling and packing process" damage any item. Also it weighs less which has a factor in fees associated with amazon food category.  Next ship by the DOZENS....What does this mean I like to ship about 1 -2 dozen of a product and sell out quick and then replenish. This does a couple things for one it will cause your product to reach customers while it is FRESH and selling out constantly is always a good sign. If you shipped 3 dozen or 4 dozen of a product and it has a short shelf life you  run the risk of having procuts pulled and either reshipped to you AT YOUR EXPENSE Or