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Amazon FBA Selling your food Prodcuts on Amazon

Amazon FBA Selling your  f ood Prodcuts on Amazon  One of the bestthings I have done for my business is bringing my hand made food prodcuts to Amazon! I have now been on Amazon 2 years now and have sold nearly $80,000 dollars in prodcuts YES HAND MADE food products MY private label created candies have done VERY well, and we have JUST started . I have brought to our FBA ( fulfilment by Amazon) inventory nearly 36 items with roughly 100 new items coming this year ( all made by us and not co packed ) One thisng to remember no matter how the econmy is or what time of the year it is there will always be a demand for food ( snacks, candies, sweets etc) the is always a birthday there will always bean event of some kind corporate event, fundraiser etc. These events are usually LARGE and need a lot of food or sncaks and even private labeling for coporations can be huge money maker. We have catered over 600 evenst in 15 countries and have always worked with the customer if they

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