Amazon FBA Food and Snacks Hand Made Edibles !

Hey Guys Damian Here
If you make a food, snack, candy products and are looking to expand your sales even if you operate a retail store you should check out Amazons FBA program . First you need to be a seller on Amazon start with a seller account, and then let Amazon sell, stock, handle your customer service ! How ? you may ask.....

The FBA ( Fulfillment By Amazon) This is in my opinion a NO BRAINER!!! We operate The Brittle Box Candy Company and hand make over 400 items and some of our items are perfect for FBA.
From my experience You have to have a "shelf stable " product. With many snacks like nuts, chips, hard candies etc these make for a prefect "stocked" item.
We tried FBA just a few months ago and sales have increased big time ! Once you have invested a small amount of time preparing your order, labeling , and dropping off UPS store your set. You can then focus on filling other orders, operating your business ( while you sleep Amazon is selling and handling your orders !)

I will post a new post about how I ship pack and label my private label snacks and candies !!!


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