Amazon FBA Selling your food Prodcuts on Amazon

Amazon FBA Selling your 
food Prodcuts on Amazon 
One of the bestthings I have done for my business is bringing my hand made food prodcuts to Amazon!
I have now been on Amazon 2 years now and have sold nearly $80,000 dollars in prodcuts YES HAND MADE food products MY private label created candies have done VERY well, and we have JUST started .
I have brought to our FBA ( fulfilment by Amazon) inventory nearly 36 items with roughly 100 new items coming this year ( all made by us and not co packed )
One thisng to remember no matter how the econmy is or what time of the year it is there will always be a demand for food ( snacks, candies, sweets etc) the is always a birthday there will always bean event of some kind corporate event, fundraiser etc. These events are usually LARGE and need a lot of food or sncaks and even private labeling for coporations can be huge money maker.

We have catered over 600 evenst in 15 countries and have always worked with the customer if they need custom labeling and packaging. This is actually not as hard as you may think !

Step 1 . Creating the product: You may have a recipe for a cookie that seems to make everyone who eats it put a smile of their face. This is a perfect start
 ( and if you think oh well its just another cookie ) NO WAY ... you will make money there are constantly companies big and small coming up with cookies ( they did not invent the cookie ) just have a new take on it.... and guess what they are selling them hand over fist

there is a women who started a cookie business that sells them ONLY in fairs across the country and has been doing this for several years now and her annual gross sales exceed 7 Million dollars ! Ok so the idea that you havew a recipe for " some cookie" ( or any food product) and it wont sell get that thought out of your mind . Amazon hasroughly 40 million customer views on their site monthly and it still growing .

Step 2 Packaging : find the lightest ( less chance of breaking type of packaging ) this is important whne it comes from the perspective of wweight and breakage . I use all plastic bags and or containers as well as smaller packaging size . This ensures no breakage and less chance for damage to occur during shipping. I had a friend of mine who started a compnay selling salsa and ha glass as his "packaging" this glass caused more headaches for him than needed. I recomend using something lighter and less chance of breaking in transit.

Step 3 Inventory smaller amounts I actually end no more than 12- 24 units of one of MY prodcuts . When I do this it limits the amount of money tied up in the shipment also limits the chance that it wont sell causing extendd fees stocking my prodcuts in Amazons Warehouse . When you can "sell out" of an item you can control the turnover as well as the freshness of your product.

I hope these tips help with you FBA food experince check back with us on our blog for tips , pointers and more !


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