Amazon FBA Selling Food 3 Things To Keep in Mind

Amazon FBA Selling Food 3 
Things To Keep in Mind 

  1. When selling food through the Amazon FBA program remember to keep packaging in mind. I personally ship to FBA only packaged products that are in  some form of plastic container / bags. When using the glass packaging or any other material breakage COULD occur . I am not saying it will for sure, but I have NEVER had any issues with amazons team in the "pulling and packing process" damage any item. Also it weighs less which has a factor in fees associated with amazon food category. 
  2. Next ship by the DOZENS....What does this mean I like to ship about 1 -2 dozen of a product and sell out quick and then replenish. This does a couple things for one it will cause your product to reach customers while it is FRESH and selling out constantly is always a good sign. If you shipped 3 dozen or 4 dozen of a product and it has a short shelf life you  run the risk of having procuts pulled and either reshipped to you AT YOUR EXPENSE Or trashed with a disposal fee!!
  3. lastly make sure you labels have everything needed to make sure the customer knows the ingredients, best by date, address where product was made "origin labeling", and allergen warning 
With these 3 tips you can make selling on FBA by Amazon a HUGE success !! For tips and pointers check out the new website we have created that has loads of resources and video downloads for you to use that will make selling online a breeze and show you what I have learned over 10 years.


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