Etsy Seller Tutorial Series How to Sell Supplies

Etsy Seller Tutorial Series How to Sell Supplies 

If you ever wanted to sell on Etsy the hand made website you may not realize that you actually can resale "SUPPLIES". This is the reselling of things like baking supplies "sprinkles", Decorations baking cups , and more. There are almost all categories that  have a selling opportunity to sell these types of things. When you want to sell an item that is a supply in any given category you can. 


  • wedding supplies like favor making 
  • fashion making clothing there can be a ton of "supplies" material, buttons, zippers and more
  • home decore plaques, tools, design templates, and more 
  • baking cooking, sprinkles, candy pieces , cookie decorating supplies amd more 
The one thing to remember is the fact that as long as you make a SUPPLY it can resold ! With etsy grwoing in popularity over the past few years since it went public with its stock more and more customers can be found !

If you are already sell on Etsy and are looking for a great way to resell prodcuts that you dont make this cold be a great opportunity. Think out side the box when it comes to what you can offer and profit from . I am a firm believeR N SELLING IN SEVERAL CATAGORIES TO INCREASE PROFT. 
If you are familar with a certian catagory and know a lot about it so you sell your products and are looking to add to the "supplies" try educating yourself on a new catagory and then adding more to your inventory of what you offer !

Never get stuck in a catagory ( just one all the time) you could be missing out on a huge line of products that could be profitable.


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