Amazon Fba Private Labeling : Food Products top 3 things to Know

Amazon Fba Private Labeling : Food Products top 3 things to Know 
Looking to start a food business and expand it online with Amazon FBA ? Not sure what FBA is ? Well FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon allows you  to ship your products to Amazon and sell them on Amazon's Platform, and they do all the rest ! This allows you to free up time to either grow your brand , Procure new products or build your private label brand of food products online !

You can think of it like the world's biggest Retail store but ALL online ! and in front of millions of people . I grew my brand with FBA and still am adding more products weekly to my offerings on Amazon. Here is my top 5 things to understand before making the leap into FBA for food !

  1. You have to approved to sell on grocery gourmet food category: unlike other selling platforms Amazon has a few hoops you have to jump through before selling on there site. But once you do selling on their platform is WORTH IT!
  2. Make sure your product can withstand temperatures of 50 - 100 degrees F. This is critical if you are selling chocolate items , candies, etc anything that can be potentially melting in transit or during storage. Any items shipped to them during April 1st- Oct 30 they will discard and not be allowed to sell if it is heat sensitive 
  3. Any item that has to be kept at a certain temperature like refrigerated, Frozen, or air conditioned are NOT allowed in the FBA program. This makes sense from the stand point that fresh meats, produce, fruits etc can not be stored and shipped . I personally believe that soon  Amazon may start to get into this type of products and feel it is only a matter of time.
Here is a video for you to watch that has a complete over view 


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