How to start a Food Business: Do online marketing “tricks” still work?

Do online marketing “tricks” still work?


Food Businesses, ANY business for that matter can benefit from this ! 

 It’s no secret. 

In the last few years making money online has gotten a LOT harder! 

Google slaps…

Rising costs of traffic…

Markets getting more sophisticated…

In fact, some well known marketers have recently started to say that “online marketing as we know it is DEAD!”

They say that a new breed of marketing has replaced it, and we all need to be Snapchatting and Instagramming all day without ever trying to sell anything…

They claim that we can “guilt people into buying” by just giving… and giving… and giving some more…

And the weird thing is, they’re right.

You can’t just throw up a webpage, buy some adwords traffic and expect to be driving a Lamborghini within a couple months anymore…

(In fact, it never really worked that way…)

But at the same time… you don’t need to overcomplicate it and spend months building out a complex labyrinth that will just confuse your prospects.

No. What you need now is the same thing you’ve always needed…

A solid foundation.
The right offer, presented to the right people, in the right delivery method will give you the ability to create cash “on demand” over and over again.

And how can you find that offer, those people, and the right delivery method?

Well, there are two paths.

First, you can try to do it alone… “follow your passion” and just “do what feels right”... and in about 6 months, chances are pretty good you’ll be right where you started.

The second path is smarter.

Find someone else who has done what you want to do, and use their “framework” as your model.

That way you’re building your business on a solid foundation, and you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

Now you probably have lots of questions…

“Where do I find someone to model?”

“How do I know they’re making lots of money?”

“Will this work for my business?”

“What about the tech stuff?”

And that’s why I want to invite you to a special training my friend Russell Brunson is putting on, which will answer all those questions for you.

He’ll show you a behind the scenes look of how he creates winning offer, after offer, again and again.

You can register by CLICK HERE  and I would definitely recommend doing it now.
Because this information is time sensitive, and if you wait too long then you might miss out.

So, just register here , and attend the training. You’ll quickly see why I’m so impressed with the system Russell built… (and why so many of the wealthiest online marketers are following his advice)




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