Just Released the 5 BEST food Entrepreneur books MUST READ!

When it comes to food businesses there are many ways to start a 
food-related business, but where do you start?
Being in the food business for over 20 years I have read and learned from many food business books. How to start this where to start that, but these are my top 5 ( in no particular order). 

There is no better time to start your own food business than right now. If you are prepared, you can easily find the food business of your dreams using the strategies outlined in this book and acquire your business with little or none of your own money.

Bring Your Fresh Ideas to Market and Profit
Fueled by growing consumer demand for new tastes, cleaner ingredients, health benefits, and more convenient ways to shop and eat, the business of specialty food is taking off at full speed. This step-by-step guide arms entrepreneurial foodies like yourself with an industry overview, the hottest trends, important research and statistics, and insight from practicing specialty food business owners on key growth drivers, opportunities, and how you can differentiate from other food businesses.
                                                                 What this book covers 
Find the right avenue for your specialty food business: home-based, 
retail shop, production, wholesale, or distribution
Create a solid business plan, get funded, and get the essential equipment
Get the right licenses, codes, permits, insurance for your operations
Gain a competitive edge using market and product research
Find a profitable location, partnerships, and in-store shelf space
Promote your business, products, and services online and offline
Attract new and loyal customers using social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest
Manage daily operations, costs, and employees
Plus, get valuable resource lists, sample business plans, checklists, and worksheets

Getting Your Specialty Food Product Onto Store Shelves: The Ultimate Wholesale How-To Guide For Artisan Food Companies

Many small food business owners dream of seeing their products on store shelves, but how to get onto those shelves is a mystery. Focused specifically on specialty food businesses that don’t have millions of marketing dollars at their disposal, this book unravels that mystery for food entrepreneurs, offering tactical tips, insight, and short stories of entrepreneurs who have been in your place and succeeded. 
Topics include:
• Understanding the wholesale industry and the roles that brokers and distributors play
• Pricing products appropriately so that you can grow and make money
• In-depth insight into a variety of wholesale food channels, covering what you need to know and how you should approach specialty stores, supermarkets, club stores, and even food service and hospitality
• How and why you should support your retailers to ensure you stay on the shelf
• Information on labeling regulations and packaging guidelines to ensure your product gets noticed by customers and conforms with FDA requirements
• Definitions and explanations of common wholesale and promotional terminology
• Creating sales sheets that help your product sell—and samples to help guide you
• The role trade shows play and how to make the most of them
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How to Start a Home-based Catering Business

 (Home-Based Business Series) 

Catering continues to be an expanding industry. The author is one of our top-selling home-based business authors and is an experienced chef with extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. Spring of 2014 is a perfect time to do a seventh revision of this title to update any old information and expand on the role of social media.

How to Start a Home-based Personal Chef Business 

(Home-Based Business Series)

Everything you need to know to run a profitable and satisfying personal chef business from your home.

This is a small but great list of food business books. These can give you a great start to brainstorming what type of food business will be best suited for your desire to be in the food business!
Take a look at these and get your food dream up and running!

Home-based cottage food business in California, and cottage food businesses in any state can prove to be a worthwhile endeavour! 


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