How much money do you need to start a ice cream business?

 How much money do you need to start a ice cream business?



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What type of enterprise is an ice cream shop?

A store that mostly offers ice cream, but also occasionally milkshakes, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet, is known as an ice cream shop. These frozen dishes are frequently prepared in a variety of ways and topped with a variety of ingredients. One of the best things about ice cream businesses is that customers may customize their favorite frozen desserts. Ice cream is still a very popular snack, especially in the summer, therefore owners may be interested in launching an ice cream store as they don't require a large kitchen or a lot of seats.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

establishing a location to serve ice cream

An ice cream shop may initially appear like a tremendous undertaking. However, the procedure is considerably simpler to manage if you divide it into steps. Prepare for all the various things you need to do to operate an ice cream shop by following our ten-step checklist.

1. Concepts for ice cream stores and branding strategies

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

A waffle cone is being filled with strawberry ice cream.

Choosing the type of store and the brand you want to sell your ice cream is the first step in starting an ice cream shop. Here is where you will choose how your store will service clients and what kind of market trends you will incorporate into your ice cream shop's business model. You need to consider a few significant ideas and branding alternatives before moving on to the following phases of planning for an ice cream shop.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Seasonal vs. Year-Round:

Ice cream is sometimes perceived as a seasonal pleasure that is primarily consumed in the spring and summer. You'll probably sell a lot less ice cream in the fall and winter as a result of this. The first day of spring until the end of summer, for example, are the only times of the year where many ice cream businesses are open. You might alternatively continue operating your ice cream parlor through the winter in the hopes that a quality product, a devoted clientele, or a diverse menu will draw customers in despite the chilly weather.

Ice cream trucks

Although they are gaining popularity across the board in the food sector, food trucks are not a novel concept in the ice cream market. The arrival of the ice cream truck in a child's neighborhood is one of their favorite summertime activities. Instead of operating a standard shop, you can be mobile and go directly to the customers when you operate a food truck. This will increase impulse purchases while decreasing expenses. 

However, ice cream trucks must contend with issues such a lack of parking space, parking regulations, permits, and insurance.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Traditional vs. Modern

One of the more recent concepts in the ice cream industry is the self-serve ice cream shop. The majority of the time, customers at ice cream shops place their orders from a menu. But a recent influx of contemporary ice cream parlors has altered how it functions. Customers can create their own frozen desserts at several stations, and they are then charged based on the weight of the finished product.

2. Ice cream shop business plans

Writing a strong business plan is crucial when launching an ice cream parlor. You may put all of your objectives, plans, and tactics in one place with a business plan. You can persuade lenders and investors to offer you money for your ice cream shop in the future by using a financial document like a business plan. To paint a complete image of your ice cream parlor, your business plan should contain the following elements:

The executive summary, which is a condensed version of your entire business plan, should be the last item you write.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Write a description of your company that is comparable to your executive summary in this part, but go into greater detail regarding things like plans and strategies.

Concept and Menu: In this part, you should describe the type of ice cream shop you plan to operate and the types of sweets you'll be selling.

Discuss the ownership and organizational structure of your ice cream shop, as well as the composition of your management staff.

The Needs for Staffing and Employees - You should mention how many employees you'll need to run your ice cream store in this section, along with the positions that need to be filled.

Marketing and Competitor Analysis: Select a target market and thoroughly research your local rivals to identify any potential competitive advantages.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Strategies for Marketing and Advertising: Create a list of potential strategies for attracting customers and retaining their loyalty to your brand.

Financial Projection and Summary: In this area, you should analyze break-even points, provide a sales forecast, and list potential expenses.

If you need a comprehensive, in-depth approach on developing business plans, look at our guide to creating a restaurant business plan.

3. Price of starting an ice cream parlor

An ice cream maker produces sweet, cooling ice cream during the summer.

Opening an ice cream shop costs money, even though it might not be as expensive as doing so for a restaurant or other food service enterprise. The average cost to operate an ice cream shop is between $20,000 and $50,000. However, this figure may vary based on whether you buy or rent a place and if you purchase expensive new equipment or less expensive secondhand equipment. The following are some of the most significant expenses you'll incur while operating an ice cream parlor.

Down payment: It will be expensive for you to purchase a food truck or a storefront for your ice cream company. A down payment of between 15% and 20% of the entire cost should be anticipated, even though most people take out a loan to cover such a large investment.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Costs associated with property repairs and construction: Purchasing a location or food truck typically isn't enough to get it ready to launch, so you'll likely need to spend money on these tasks.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Ice cream shop supplies: You need to purchase a variety of different appliances and pieces of equipment in order to create, store, and sell ice cream. Some of the necessities are freezers, refrigerators, and ice cream makers.

The cost of purchasing all the components, equipment, and containers required for your ice cream parlor can be high.

Pay for Employees: You'll need a few managers, staff members, and employees to run an ice cream shop. A reasonable wage must be paid to everyone of them.

Budgeting for advertising is necessary if you want to run marketing efforts and attract new clients.

POS System: For new ice cream stores, a POS system is an excellent investment because it makes ordering easier, manages inventory, and generates sales reports.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Licenses and permits: If you wish to start an ice cream business, you must get a number of licenses and permits, some of which are fee-based.

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4. Where to Find Capital to Launch a Business

At first, it appears difficult to cover all of the expenses associated with starting an ice cream shop. But there are several ways to raise the funds required to realize your aspiration of opening an ice cream parlor. Find out how much cash you'll need to launch your company. You can choose the best funding option for you using this number to guide you.

Self-Funding: It's possible that you may invest a portion of your own funds in your ice cream shop. Using funds from retirement plans and savings accounts might provide you money and influence over your firm, but it also means you are accountable for all the risks.

Lenders: Traditional and small business loans can provide you with the capital you need to launch your venture. Although you may spend more in the long run due to interest rates, you won't have to put up any cash up front or give up any equity if you take out a loan.

Private equity financing known as venture capital is frequently provided to start-up companies in exchange for a portion of the company's ownership. The money required to open an ice cream shop can be obtained by finding a business investor. Although an investor may be a helpful business ally, giving up equity and other benefits has significant disadvantages.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Crowdfunding is the practice of a group of people pooling their resources to achieve a single objective. Donors frequently receive unique gifts or discounts, which motivates customers to give.

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5. Business licenses and permissions

Before you can legally operate an ice cream parlor and begin selling, you must obtain the appropriate business licenses and permissions. Here are a few of the most significant ones, but to make sure your ice cream store has all it needs to open, you should also verify with your local regulations and speak with an attorney.

Business license: According to the legislation, you need a business license in order to conduct business in your sector and location. As a result, company permits may vary depending on where you are.

Employee Identification Number: You must provide prospective employees with a nine-digit employee identification number before you may hire them to work at your ice cream store. Every company in the US assigns each employee a distinguishable number that can be used to locate them.

Seller's Permit: With a seller's permit, you can legally collect sales tax for your company. If you're unsure whether you need a seller's permit, check your state and local legislation.

Health Permit: You must a health permit certifying the food's safety and cleanliness in order to sell any type of prepared food. The majority of the time, health permits are handled by county and municipal governments. This implies that laws and regulations governing health permits can differ greatly from one location to another.

6. Locations of ice cream stores

a gelato display case with ice cream pans

Making your vision a reality and putting your first thoughts into practice heavily relies on selecting the ideal location for your ice cream store. Location isn't a huge concern for those who wish to launch an ice cream food truck business. However, for establishments with walls, a good location is crucial. To choose the ideal site to generate the most revenue and draw clients, we advise conducting a location analysis. When choosing a location for an ice cream shop, there are some considerations.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Space: Your ice cream business must have adequate room for a few machines, a serving area, and a seating area for customers.

Foot Traffic: The ideal location for an ice cream shop is one with high foot traffic where customers are more likely to purchase ice cream right away.

Seasonal Traffic: Since ice cream shops often make the majority of their sales during the summer, it would be ideal to locate somewhere with higher summer foot traffic.

Ice cream shops should have low overhead costs to make up for the decline in sales throughout the fall and winter since these seasons are slower for sales. Rent and utility bills are two of the most typical overhead expenses, so strive to save expenditures there.

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7. An Ice Cream Shop's Menu

Ice cream sundaes with peanuts and whipped cream on top

In order to draw customers in and keep them coming back, it's crucial to have a solid menu selection. To ensure that clients can buy your products while you still make money, you should make sure that the prices on your menu are fair. Making the menu for an ice cream shop is like balancing on a tightrope. Customers expect you to deliver their favorite traditional flavors, but you also need to distinguish out from the crowd. In addition to ice cream, you want to consider including a few additional items on your menu.

Ice cream, milk, and various flavors are blended to create milkshakes, which are sweet drinks. A staple of ice cream parlor menus are milkshakes.

A large scoop of ice cream is placed in a glass together with root beer or another type of soda to create a unique beverage known as a float.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Italian Ice: On a scorching summer day, Italian Ice is a traditional way to cool yourself. Water, sugar, and either artificial or real fruit flavors are used to make it.

Gelato resembles ice cream in appearance and flavor, but it is often prepared more gradually, contains less fat, and is served at a warmer temperature.

As the name implies, frozen yogurt is produced with yogurt, milk, and cream. This results in a tangier flavor than ice cream.

popular flavors of ice cream

There are a few flavors that most people anticipate seeing in ice cream stores despite the wide variety of flavors available. The following list includes some of the most sought-after ice cream flavors that your store should strive to carry:




Creme and Cookies

Chocolate with Mint Chip

frozen dessert without lactose

Lactose intolerance affects millions of Americans, making it challenging for them to consume dairy products like ice cream. Ice cream without lactose can be produced by either filtering the milk to remove the lactose or by adding artificial lactase enzymes. You can better serve a specific demographic by offering lactose-free ice cream, and you may even have an advantage over competing ice cream parlors who don't provide the same kinds of delicacies.

frozen yogurt without dairy

Dairy is not included in the recipe for dairy-free ice cream, which is prepared similarly to lactose-free ice cream. An alternative is to utilize a substance like almond milk or coconut milk. Dairy-free ice cream is a fantastic addition to your menu because it is suitable for vegetarians and those who cannot tolerate lactose. As the practice of veganism as a diet grows in popularity, offering vegans a selection of ice cream flavors can boost business and help you attract a specific clientele.

8. Ice cream shop decoration

You can find various types of Italian gelato in a dessert store.

If you want your ice cream store to have the sense of a traditional ice cream shop, the way it is organized and appears is crucial. The image of an ice cream shop is one that many people have in their minds. Usually, they picture joyous, loud colors and music. Ice cream store decorations frequently feature vivid reds, pinks, and teals as well as polka dot and striped patterns. But more than simply aesthetics must be taken into consideration while designing an ice cream shop.

Serving/dispensing Stations: In conventional ice cream parlors, ice cream that is intended for serving must be kept in a sizable space. To store all of the flavors, you often need multiple sizable freezer ice cream cabinets. This won't be necessary for contemporary ice cream shops that charge by weight, but they will still need to have ice cream dispensers all over the place.

Ice cream shops that charge by weight will require a number of weighing stations so that consumers may weigh their creations and determine how much they will cost.

Seating: The majority of ice cream establishments must include a space where customers can sit and enjoy their delights. So that consumers may make a decision dependent on the weather, a smart ice cream business should offer both inside and outdoor seating.

9. Creative advertising concepts for ice cream stores

When you launch a new company and are prepared to conduct business, it's critical to let people know. Running advertisements aimed at attracting customers is the best approach to achieve this. There are many ways to advertise your business and reach your target market in the digital age we currently live in. To get people talking and excited, try these strategies for marketing your ice cream shop:

Create a Powerful Website: In the modern business environment, every company needs to have a powerful website. Customers may access all the information they require about your company on your website. Making a website used to be a challenging endeavor, but today there are several online platforms that can assist you in creating a straightforward but appealing website for your clients to visit.

Reaching out to clients on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is a terrific method to increase business. Social media is a wonderful technique to advertise because it's easy to use and is being used more frequently every day.

How much money do you need to start a ice cream business

Digital presence: People make a lot of their purchasing decisions on websites like Yelp, OpenTable, and TripAdvisor. For the most potential brand exposure, make sure your company is featured on various websites and free resources like Google My Business.

Promotions and specials: A wonderful approach to get customers to your ice cream store is to provide discounts and promotions. If people can save money or get a good bargain on your product, they will be interested in it, and if they try it and like it, they may buy more of it.

Loyalty Programs: Offering rewards to clients who frequently purchase your goods is a terrific approach to win their loyalty and have them buy from you again. You can both attract new consumers and keep your current ones coming back by using loyalty programs like digital punch cards, exclusive member statuses, and targeted specials and promotions.

10. A new ice cream business will open

You'll need to make a decision on how you want to conduct your public opening of your ice cream parlor when the time draws near. The most crucial decision you'll have to make when establishing your ice cream business is whether to hold a soft opening, a grand opening, or both.

Grand opening versus soft opening

A soft opening allows your business to test menu items, service flow, and consumer capacity in a real-world setting. While a soft opening isn’t required, working out all of the potential kinks before your ice cream shop officially opens can be beneficial. How much money do you need to start a ice cream business


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